Exciting news – your Carriage Hill & Co. watch comes with a solid 3-year warranty! This means you’re covered against any funky defects in materials or workmanship under regular use for three years from your original purchase date.

Warranty Procedure:

In case a hardware defect arises during the warranty period, kindly visit www.carriagehillco.com for detailed information on the repair procedure specific to your timepiece.


  • Wristwatch Case, Lens, or Back Plate Tarnishing: Tarnishing due to general wear and aging of the product is not covered under warranty.
  • Battery: The warranty does not extend to the battery.
  • Bracelets/Straps: Straps and bracelets are considered consumable items and are not covered.
  • Accidental Damage, Misuse, or Lack of Care: Any damage resulting from accidents, misuse, or inadequate care is not covered.
  • Water or Moisture Damage: The warranty does not cover defects arising from contact with water or moisture, affecting internal or external components.

Important Note:

The warranty becomes void if:

– The timepiece case has been opened for inspection or service.

– The timepiece has been dismantled or repaired by unauthorized service providers.

– Issues arise from factors not related to defects in material or workmanship.

Carriage Hill & Co. Store Information:


347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1402

New York, NY, US. 10016

Warranty Section:

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the purchase of your timepiece. Carriage Hill & Co. upholds a warranty section that reflects the standards of a reputable company.

Rules and Conditions:

  • Authenticity: Ensure all repairs are conducted by authorized service centers to maintain the authenticity and integrity of your timepiece.
  • Regular Maintenance: We recommend regular maintenance checks to preserve the longevity and performance of your watch.
  • Contact Information: Keep your contact information updated to facilitate efficient communication regarding any warranty-related concerns.
  • Original Purchase Proof: Retain your original purchase receipt as proof of purchase for warranty claims.

At Carriage Hill & Co., we stand by the excellence of our watches, and this warranty is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction. For any queries or concerns, please contact our customer service.