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Carriage Hill & Co is a U.S. based luxury brand, founded on the simple ethos, “luxury for every occasion”. As a luxury timepiece and footwear company, we design our products with this philosophy in mind. We aim to create quality products, designed with intelligent and minimalistic designs while displaying quality craftsmanship.

Our founder AY discovered his love for fashion at an early age. He founded Carriage Hill & Co after a decade spent traveling the world in search of the highest quality materials for his collection. His team of expert craftsmen share his passion for exuberant style and panache. His persistence and dedication to the Carriage Hill & Co ethos has since led to a collection of exquisite pieces characterized by modern, luxurious, clean-innovative designs.

We are a brand that keeps to our promise of producing high-end fashion, lifestyle and luxury timepieces, for confident men and women who want luxury and style in all of their accessories.

Welcome to the world of Carriage Hill & Co, we offer a luxury reimagined through distinctive design.

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Carriage Hill & Co creates an array of unisex timepieces that perfectly balances creative boldness and exquisite subtlety while delivering fine quality, balanced dial precision layouts, beautifully smooth hued calfskin bands and unique sapphire scratch resistant casings.

The exclusive collection of timepieces and footwear is available online and in select stores in the USA.

It's Personal

Every product made by Carriage Hill & Co undergoes critical quality and standards checks. We apply utmost care and full attention to detail at every step in our manufacturing process.

While many just leave their production to machines, we prefer to add an extra level of care to our production process by completing several tasks by hand.

Adding that additional personal touch enables us to ensure our products are of top quality that can also be seen and felt when they get in the hands of our customers…