Carriage Hill & Co gets moving on new Traveler line

Sage Silver Case Watch

Carriage Hill & Co. has added a new line of timepieces to its selection of luxury accessories.

The brand says the Traveler line of watches combines a unisex minimalist Carriage Hill & Co. design with Japanese technology in a stainless-steel watch.

The watches have simple hands and discrete minute markers, while a hand-stitched calf skin strap adds a touch of understated luxury.

A spokesperson at Carriage Hill & Co said: “The watches, as with every product made by Carriage Hill & Co., undergo critical quality and standards checks with the utmost care and full attention applied to detail at every step in the manufacturing process. Carriage Hill and Co. completes several tasks by hand, which adds an extra level of care to the production process.”

Adding: “That additional personal touch enables us to ensure our products are of top quality that can be seen and felt when they get in the hands of our customers.”

Courtesy of WatchPro

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